Thursday, February 28, 2008

Welcome to Grand Standiford Station

--Miami, Florida--
Greetings from about as web-challenged a writer as you are likely to come across these days. While my website is undergoing a do-over, I thought I had better get a little information out there in the meantime, especially given the fact that I have two (2) books coming out in 2008. I'll fill you in on those elsewhere on this site, and I'll also do my best to let you know what has been happening since the publication of Miami Noir, news of which constituted the last breaking information posted on the old site, back in late 2006. For those of you who have checked in on Les previously, welcome back. And for those of you newbies who have ducked in here for whatever reason, thanks for taking the trouble. I'll do my best to make the trip worthwhile. By the way, this photgraph is the work of a very alented photographer by the name of Marla Cohen .


Neil Crabtree said...

I see what you mean about having the older posts stay at the front. I think, though I'm not sure, that by adding Page Elements you can save these there, and change them as you need them. The great thing is you can play with it while you get the look and feel you want. I'll change Believable Lies three or four times a day sometimes, for the hell of it. Good looking blog. Congratulations

different said...

Hi Les,

I'm so excited to find you & to find you're right up the street, in Miami! I've recently opened the Key West Art Bar in the Flagler Station Building, in Key West. We are a happening space, supporting ALL the arts from painting to craft, with a fine art gallery, jewelry bar, wine & coffee bar, classes, films, speakers & you guessed it~ authors! I work with the TDC & Carol Shaughnessey of Newman & Associates regularly & would LOVE to sell your books (of course) & have you down for a signing. I think we may be a perfect match! Please do Google me & feel free to call too. I'm Barbara GrOb of the Key West Art Bar at 305-296-0424.

Hope to hear from you soon!


DaviTT said...

Hello Les . . . . .
I watched you on TV describing the history of Washington,
D.C. and Pierre Charles L'Enfant. Fascinating!! Myself, I'm a
native-born Washingtonian. What really caught my attention was you
standing at the top of Arlington Cemetery overlooking the Federal City.
I love that view so much I've gone up there many times & never get tired of it; I appreciate the historical significance as well as the wonderful view. I'm a photographer and my website is with a picture of that magnificent scenic landscape on my homepage. Also I
created an Online Gallery of prints featuring Washington, D.C. as part of my site. It's refreshing knowing of someone such as yourself who is like-minded!!
David Blackwell